Quieting my heart

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Being a mom is always keeping me busy. It’s around this time of year when I start to evaluate this busyness and the volume of “noise” in my heart.


When I think of quieting my heart I can instantly see it looking like a picture taken with too high of an aperture. There are so many specks to look at, very grainy and out of focus. This idea though moves me to sit quietly before God in desperation to refocus and after coming down off of the beginning of school high I am certain my family needs it too because let’s just face it, life isn’t getting any less busier.

I was inspired to quiet three areas of my life in order to maintain slow living for my family. This includes quieting my heart, my home and my schedule. So in the weeks to come I will be digging into that.

 There are tons of scripture I could choose to settle on while quieting my heart. When I set out on this quest I first scoured the bible looking for scriptures that would help me draw the meaning of quiet out. Ones I could relate to and ones that drew something from me. The scriptures that I will post are ones that struck me in some way personally.

I know that quieting my heart is especially important while mothering. Because going and going and going can sometimes unintentionally carry me away from my roots.

Reading my bible, praying and spending time with the Lord, loving my people in strength and song. I try my hardest to fight for these times; one because I want my people to see that apart from God I can do nothing; two because apart from God I can do nothing. I’ve tried it and many times I fail miserably. It’s just.not. in me. I was created for him to love me. More than he created me to love him..

I don’t want to wait until life spins more than I can handle and a melt down occurs. Hold the drama. Instead I’d rather respond to the first tugging at my heart.

My heart has heard you say, “Come and talk with me.” And my heart responds, “Lord, I am coming.” Psalm 27:8. 

I encourage you friends to look up some scriptures that support the idea of quieting your heart. Get some cute little labels or if you are cheap like me make some from what you have lying around and put them up banner style or post them around your home to remind you of the quieting. Jot down some ideas of what quieting might look like in your home.


In what ways have you been inspired to quiet your heart?