Has anyone seen that picture of the tired mother at the doctor being diagnosed with children floating around Facebook? Well that exactly sums up my weekend. Bummed. Pooped. Need I go on?

All in all I had a very great and productive time this weekend with family and friends and of course my kids. 🙂

Being as though my weekend was a bit busy, I never got around to sharing our resurrection craft. I figured I’d share some pictures of our weekend activities while I’m at it. Friday kicked off and amazing service at my church which was our first Good Friday service (It was so awesome!) Saturday My beau and I dated my oldest son which turned out amazing. (There were so many children at Chuck E Cheese!…noise, noise, and noise. LOL) And Sunday morning was our church service in which I served in our toddler room (amazing resurrection crafting for the kiddos) and that night ended up with a feast  and eggs all over the place.  We did a resurrection scavenger hunt that turned out good too!

I love being reminded about Jesus’ love and seeing that with his power and strength I can walk the way he did. AHHHHH Jesus!

Ok. Ok. So here’s our craft from Thursday.


We colored some pasta shells and cracked them up, then we glued them on to halved cake boards.


My littlest loved making colors in the bags!

IMG_6986 IMG_6987 IMG_6988 IMG_6992

I didn’t have any glitter so we colored sugar with alcohol and food coloring. which came out good but we should have let it dry more first.


In the end it was supposed to say “Jesus is Risen” but they liked the gloppy look better. Eh, twas their project.

IMG_6995 IMG_6996

I had serious issues with the left over shells we had left. So I made my own shell creation. It says Jesus. I will eventually put it on canvas.


They learned a lot through their lesson!


Making Pretzels..


Trying to get the perfect twist


My littlest said, “take a picture of mine MOMMYY!!!”


All knotted up 🙂


Done and Delish!

IMG_7008 IMG_7009

Today I decided to make crayons with them. I hated taking the wrappers off of our broken crayons.


So I put them in warm water. Do you see them unraveling?



So as you can see, we have had a pretty productive weekend. I have more pictures but figured that was enough. LOL

Hopefully the week gives the same impression.

-Choose Love