Slow Day May 2015

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It’s been a while since I wrote a slow day post. We’ve had many but I’ve been less motivated to capture them on camera. It’s something about blogging that makes you never put a camera down and invade your family’s most precious moments all to capture a good photo-op for your blog. That has been less appealing to me. Because sometimes I miss those true special moments for “work mode”. Sometimes it’s nice to just put down the camera and seize the moment and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing.

I’ve worked hard at creating SLOW for my family and still do. It’s very easy to slip away from it especially with a busy family. I feel so accomplished when my husband can rest and my children can enjoy us. Slow days for us is on Sunday’s. We spend the week hammering away at life and working our very hardest and Sunday we do nothing. No cooking, no working, no thinking about next week, no cleaning, no nothing. We rest and enjoy each other. I try to get dinner ready on Saturday and hang up the apron until Monday. This has been so nice for us. Our tradition of the sorts on Slow day is Church, nap, walk, play and eat. Doesn’t that sound lovely?

We also have special times each week with our children where each child will spend a certain amount of time with one parent alone doing whatever they desire. So this particular Slow day captured my time with my Kid hero who loves cooking and baking. Here’s a look into our latest slow day.

There is so much beauty around us! I so love living where we are and this is not even a scenic route. All of this beauty reminds me how God provides rest and provision. How could we miss this? This for me details God’s love crashing over us wave after wave. There is nothing more humbling than seeing a glimpse of the God’s hand in everyday life.

How does your family slow?

Meal Plan Monday #30

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 Welcome back guys! The warmer weather is here and spring is in our future. This time of year I’m pulling myself out of cabin fever and rushing to get outside to be welcomed by soft wind against my skin and peeping bulbs everywhere. I have to admit, I haven’t tried new recipe’s lately and the one’s I’ve indulged in haven’t quite made it to camera. Go ahead. Call me unreliable. Being stuck in the house with dreary weather has been so uninspiring. Rain rain go away. The addition of B12 deficiency anemia doesn’t help my case either. Well, enough with excuses. I’ll try not to be away so long this time. Some time a few weeks ago I tried this recipe. I used boneless pork chops and grilled them. You can hardly taste the cocoa and it adds a nice smokey flavor. I usually don’t try pork recipes very often because they can be overly flavorful, dry, or not flavorful enough. I pretty much stick to a basic lemon garlic baked dish. But oh man did we devour this! They were very juicy (without brine- but I did sit them in the fridge for 30 mins) and moist. I served this with buttered noodles and iceberg/strawberry salad. My hulk smash did complain that they were a bit spicy and I would agree the second day we had them but not too spicy, just a tiny kick. He’s 5 now and he slopped them up anyway. Try them please! I’m getting much better at indoor photography but I’m still working on the lighting situation. Here’s what’s coming up this week on our meal plan. Breakfast: Amish breakfast casserole (my way) Chocolate chip banana muffins and homemade strawberry yogurt Blueberry breakfast biscuits with sausage and honey Cereal (gasp) and leftover muffins Oatmeal and strawberries Dinner: Whole roasted chicken, broccoli casserole, sweet corn spoonbread with homemade muffin mix Zesty Italian Chicken bake Linguine Casserole Angel hair pasta Bbq burgers and dogs, with homemade cole slaw   How do you like your pork chops?

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What I’m Reading Wednesday

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My favorite thing about springtime is the sights that you get to see. It feels like freedom after being pent-up in the house all winter. I tend to get into reading a lot when the warmer weather comes around. I’m just super unmotivated to peel open the pages of a book during the colder months.

Any way, We are back to our slow days after a lengthy hiatus from them with moving and holidays. One thing that really helps me to slow down is getting to relax outside amidst the green willows and the warmer air with a good cook book. Skimming the pages and the picturesque tutorials that make the pages come alive. Oh how that makes my heart-strings turn!

Ree Drummond is one of my favorite people. Her recipe’s are always to tastefully done yet simple. My Kid Hero loves curling up on the couch to watch an episode or two. We eat a more gourmet type of lifestyle and Ree always helps me bring that steakhouse charm to my little ole country life. I like to lighten things up a bit during the summer months and there are some good recipes not found online in Ree’s book.

Another thing I love to do in my spare time is bake. My hubby would say baking is my thing. It’s most like a stress reliever of the sorts- because what bowl of warm, gooey, sweet goodness doesn’t make life better? Don’t answer that.

Cook books make me happy. And in this season of life they are my slow place. They allow me to take a breath where I sometimes can’t seem to find one. So this is what I’m up to lately in the book world.

How about you? Who’s your favorite food network cook?

What I’m Reading Wednesday

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I am always so drawn to the artistry on the cover of a book. Most times judging a book by its cover is what gets me interested when choosing a book to read. “In This House We Will Giggle” by Courtney DeFeo was a story just like that.

(I received this book free from blogging for books in exchange for my review.)

I was drawn to the image of the littlest girl in striped tights jumping on her mama’s couch and I wanted to know more about it. In this book Courtney Defeo writes out a devotional for families that engages every member. She walks through her chapters with titles like Joy and Hope with the intent to help families grow in these character traits. Courtney puts the serious stuff that keeps us grounded with the light things that we can’t seem to let go to happen. At the end of each section as well as throughout the book, she shares a practical and fun activity for families to expound upon. I was excited to receive this book because it supports my word for the year-Joy. I am most excited to dig more into it throughout the year and reshape our family life.

This book is a great book for families who want to be grounded in real life. I think it’s a remarkable tool to have to provide growth.

What are you reading today?

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I haven’t had the chance to sit and write stuff like this often. Mostly because it requires me to be still and think through my thoughts. I struggle sometimes to write an unorganized version of a post though most of my writing is not structured at all. But today was an exception to that.

One morning this week I was graced with quiet time. I mean a real one. One where I had time to be intentional about the time I spent. I so often spend these moments doing one last thing before I spend time with God and then when the time comes I’m rushed or hurried and missing the time to be still before him. Resting isn’t easy and realizing that some things aren’t that necessary isn’t either. With young kids moms are apt to thing that a lot is necessary.

However, this particular morning I wanted to be intentional about working from a state of rest. So I took my mind off of what the day needed to get started and how my kids needed to be up for school at 7 and I took advantage of the quiet indulging in God. And I found myself struggling….to put yesterday behind me and get on with today. Why do we do that? We have a Savior who says give me all your burdens and worries and fears but yet our need to be in control warrants that.

Let all that I am wait quietly before God, for my hope is in him. Psalm 62:5

This verse stood out most. Especially the all that I am. This made me think of making myself available to God-because I can’t give all that I am if half of me is there. With my whole being I need to submit to God and wait for him. In quiet. In hope. Allowing him to search the deepest parts of me and find that I’m all in.

And it went perfectly with my morning because God doesn’t want me to leave him at the back burner. He wants to be first. He desires intimacy with me in the sense that I am before him waiting, listening, speaking. I was so determined to put him first here and wait. Even if the words didn’t come quickly.

The Greek word for wait is perimeno with peri meaning all around and meno meaning to remain or abide.

-Regardless of what’s happening around me my soul will remain steady steadfast all in before God.

Waiting is hard especially when suffering is evident but trusting that God created this process called life, family and motherhood and that his plans for us are for sanctification through the process can keep us from the temptation of guilt and heaviness. When we remind ourselves that our roles are important because HE called us to them and that we are raising image bearers we can kick Satan and his talons to the curb. Be encouraged to wait on God in whatever season you are in. I encourage you to fall in love with God and his word for your soul and for the souls around you.

But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint. Isaiah 40:31

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Meal Plan Monday #29

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The week is on!

We are down to our last days of packing to move so this weeks meal plan and next weeks will be about survival…isn’t it always? Oh yes, but I’m that mom. The one that needs to say it out loud to process it. Because I’m that mom that does the extra and will continue to do that when there needs to be a break. Being that mom is okay, we just have to recognize when a little is enough. I’m in therapy. I promise.

I’m also trying to defunk my house from two perspective sickies and one sick 2 month old. Sick kids are no fun. Sick babies are no fun..please guys wash your hands and stay away from babies! Seriously. No. Fun. Sickness happens but there are measures that help us help them stay healthy. Rant over. I digress.

I didn’t realize we have so much stuff. A craft room is definitely on my list of must haves for the next place. I’ve dedicated these next few weeks to slow. Since we will be settling in I need to find what slow looks like when it’s picked up and moved to another place. That is why slow is not mostly outward living but inward as well. Our hearts need to be set already at slow. Our work and lifestyles need to be motivated by rest in God. This way we aren’t finding rest but building a life of rest and working from that. Isn’t that amazing!??

Anyways, here’s what’s on our meal plan for the coming weeks:


Banana Breakfast Bar

Mini Pancake Muffins and sausage

Cereal (gasp)

Applesauce pancakes and fruit

Blueberry muffins and yogurt

German Pancakes and egg casserole

Cinnamon raisin baked french toast

Bagels with fruit preserves and creamed cheese

Crockpot Quiche

Eggs in the hole toast bacon


Lasagna Soup (my own recipe)

1 lb beef ground

6 cups chicken broth

2 tsp garlic

1/4 cup chopped dry onion

1/2 cup each rotini, campanelle and penne

1 quart pasta sauce (my own canned it already has green peppers and seasonings, can use marinara)

1 tsp each oregano and basil

Sautee garlic and onion in 3 tbsp grapeseed oil then add beef and brown. Add broth, pasta, seasonings and pasta sauce and bring to a boil. Remove from heat and allow pasta to come to al dente. Topp with ricotta mix of 15 oz ricotta, 1 cup of shredded mozarella, 1/2 cup grated parmesan, parsley and season with salt and pepper. Serve warm with cornbread. Done!

Creamy chicken and noodles

Fish sticks and sweet potato fries

Hot ham, turkey and swiss sliders with potato soup

Pizza muffins and orange salad

Crockpot Pork ribs

Hamburger gravy with peas and mashed potatoes

Tuna casserole

So here’s a look into our coming weeks. Berar with me guys. It’s only Monday! Oh, we had this cake for dessert after the lasagna soup with peanut butter frosting. Oh. My. Gosh! so good.

How do you meal plan?

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Love is…

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Love laid down his life for us knowing we didn’t deserve it.

Love saw grace and pleaded guilty in our name.

Love overcame our sin in his name.

Love is looking past our faults.

Love is..

Patient when things are chaotic

Kind when we’ve heard mommy for the umpteenth time

 not boastful or proud or rude

Put’s God first for everyone’s sake

Is not easily angered when the walls are marked with crayon

Doesn’t remind us that we yelled yesterday

Gives us grace when things aren’t homemade

Never fails or gives up on us…on them

Love is a journey of faith that we live daily as mom and babe.

When we are weary we can run to God and fill up on his love so that it overflows in all areas of our life.

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