Perfectionism. Letting My Weaknesses Reflect My Dependency on Jesus {How cleaning up my house did that}

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There is a part of me that would like to believe I am just wonderfully perfect but deep down inside there is a little conscious in there bursting that bubble.

Quick, vacuum the floor, wipe that milk from this morning off the table, and get those toys out of here!

This is all running through my mind as I frantically throw something on that isn’t pajama like. I have fifteen whole minutes to clean house and make it look like something from a magazine.

But while I continue to frantically clean up and yell at my children for having bey blades all over the house I think to myself “You live here don’t you?”

So be careful how you live. Don’t live like fools, but like those who are wise. Make the most of every opportunity in these evil days. Don’t act thoughtlessly, but understand what the Lord wants you to do. -Ephesians 5:16

This scripture speaks volume in so many ways and I think it is relevent to this post. Paul was talking about our daily living here telling us to make sure our priorities are in order so that we don’t squander our responsibilities to steward our lives well.

I struggle having a dirty house and I struggle to not spend time with my children. Sometimes there is a perfect balance and other times I just have to choose which one is more important. I can clean up when the kids leave the house but this time with them, while they still come to me for scuffed up knees and belly aches,  I will never get back.

I struggle with the contents of my home and not the intent.

A home is not made up of a building itself. A home consist of the people who inhabit that said building. The values, the memories, the time well spent are what make a home.

God values family, community, diligence, faith, and integrity. And I admit, sometimes I struggle to put them in the forefront. I struggle to put down my phone, my craft, my book and give them some of me.

The point of this post is not that I need to clean up or that I need to build my home. The point is that we mama’s, wives, women have room to grow and when we fail or lack in areas that people are open to see, our response should be Jesus.

When people look at our failures and our mistakes, how we respond to our failure and mistakes should reflect our dependency in and on the one and true living God. To the world we should look imperfect because we are but they should also see a willingness to repent and learn and a desire to submit and  follow God.

Even when the house is a mess my attitude should be a reflection of Jesus.

I used to be so bothered when someone would walk into my house and wander to its imperfections but lately my thought has been, ” If I’m always trying to make my home picture perfect then I don’t have time to live in it or create the memories that will build it.” Don’t get me wrong though, I’m totally a neat freak and I can’t stand a dirty and cluttered house but every now and then life goes on and I fall behind. I want to be careful how I live, making the most of the time that God has given….Not making perfection an idol. I don’t want my home to thrive on things. I want the things to thrive and reflect us and what we have faith in. I want the things to have meaning which means we can create them which means we do life together.

In that 15 minutes I realized, no my house is not squeaky clean at the moment and that’s my weakness, but someone is on their way into my home. Let me spend more time figuring out how I can being hospitable, encouraging, thankful and giving and the reflections of my heart will out way the congestion in my home.


What way is the Lord growing and maturing you? What Idols have you obliviously watered to grow in your life? What has taken the place of the important things?

Here’s a challenge:

Look at these things in your life, search the scriptures for instruction and encouragement by looking up topics to support these things. Submit them to God in repentance and work on it. 

Living isn’t easy, neither is living for God. I’m grateful for a savior who takes my mistakes and washes them in his blood so that I can continue to learn and grow in God and reap a harvest of him in my life.


Love on purpose,


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A Slow Weekend

This weekend was amazing. I had more fun with my family than I did in a little while. Every now and then those quick glimpses of slow arise and create memories.

Memories. Oh how I love them. This weekend I was reminded of this by my pastor.

Getting lost in the wonders and beauty of creation is good but when you have bypassed the creator and focus more on creation you have missed the point.

I love that statement! It’s like this. If a guy proposes to a girl with a beautiful diamond ring and the girl is more focused on the ring than the one who gave it. She has missed it. He summed it up with idolatry which has caused me to look at my life and weed out those things that have taken precedence over God in my life.

This is awesome to me. Every now and again we lose focus but God reminds us that he is enough. He is enough, the bread of life.

Slow. A life surrendered. A life in love with God. A life obedient. A life in worship.

Eating…homemade donut fritters.

School…Letter K craft.

Planting some seeds. Eek!

Cauliflower crust Pizza. Amazing!

My sweet Hubby.


Hanging out at the petting zoo.



Did you Have a good weekend?




The Inspiration of Slow

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I’ve been inspired by Monica at The Homespun Heart. I started reading her blog in January and love what I read every time. She is such a sweet spirit from what I gather through her posting. In the beginning of the year she picks a word, studies that word and finds ways to apply that word in different areas of her life by Gods word. I love that idea and it just so happens that this years word is slow.

I love that too since in the beginning of the year I chose to study how to be more slow in my life. What that word means for Monica and I may be totally different and how we seek slow might look different too but we both have a goal that is similar and that is to be closer to God. I love how Gods word connects us like that.

Anyway, over the course of the year you will see how slow unfolds for me. Slow is a journey for me as I am always trying to do more. I am the girl who does it all and that could hurt or strengthen me. My heart wants to take the time to see God for who he is in everyday life. I want to study his character and mimic it in my own walk with him. Slow right now for me means getting on with life Gods way, stopping to see his signature as I steward my life. We don’t often get to just stop in motherhood and sometimes we forget to look for God everyday. So my intention is to be more watchful for him and more encouraged by where he is around me.

Here’s to a slow journey.




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