Happy New Year {2016}

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Well 2016 has approached us and I hardly feel ready. In fact I still feel the haze of 2015. What a year it has been. Difficult, challenging, graceful-restarting, reshifting and just plain ole sitting still. I am not quite sure the direction this blog is heading. I’ve pondered dissolving it for quite some time. Somehow whenever I do I just don’t feel like God is wanting me to do that.

I have been stuck for quite some time because I feel called to this blog but when I sit down to write there is so much to pour out that I have nothing to say or don’t know where to start. If you have followed me from the beginning you know that each year around this time I take a break from blogging to spend time with my family and regain focus- after the holidays that can be needed you know. I am still going to do that. However, I am wanting to commit to praying about this blog that God would reveal his vision for it. I have always had a specific vision for this blog but I’m feeling like God has other plans.

I also want to savor the time with my babies so I’ve come to grips with the fact that this is just the season I am in and I have to focus on the important task at hand. I love all my readers but training my babies and loving my family well come first so this year will be a slow year for blogging. I hope that you will stay with me and be inspired by my writing and the glimpses of my life shown here.

Stay tuned for my word for this year!




My Goals for the school year



Looking ahead, setting goals seems more like a chore than a plan. There has been so much that has hit my life this year and asking God to show me what Joy looks like through it has come alive in more ways than not. The need to breathe is certainly an understatement. Finally though I feel like I have the brain cells to sit down to write a post. No one told me a third child would shake the game and leave my idea of “superwoman” to crumble at the cracks. ha.

We have a third grader this year and a kindergartener. For my third grader I can already see that this will be a year that will thoroughly influence his outlook on life. He’s starting to pay more attention to what functional and dysfunctional looks like.

With that in mind I want to provide a better healthy platform for all of my children. For me this year, that means cleaning up some of the raw edges in our family life and organizing better. So here are a few things that I’d like to challenge myself to do better or give up better.

Organize- I think we can all use some extra help in this area raising children so I won’t even hark on my messy life. Chores, papers, meals, appointments…life. It all needs a big cup of organization.

Family talent shows- I forever want to be building my children up. If they never want to shine anywhere else, they should at home. My husband and I think that this is a great way to spend family time and draw out our gifts and talents leaving conversation for how we can use them.

Prepare ahead of time- Though I am a natural planner, I don’t do a great job at preparing ahead. In my head things will go over easy until I’m down to the wire and stressing out my entire family because I’m frantic.

Learn to say no- I’m a party girl! I love entertaining and extra curricular activities but sometimes I can get carried away and overload our schedule. My children don’t need to do everything and neither do I.

Volunteer twice a month at school- This may seem like nothing but at one point I volunteered once a week. Thinking ahead to future children, I think it is wise to cut back on being overly involved. The whole school knows who I am.

Live Simple- In America we are always needing more. More stuff, more time, more friends. I don’t want any more stuff. I want to better be content with what I have and not have a an attitude of entitlement. I want this for my children, to be good stewards over what we have first and know the importance and blessing of family, friends and community.


There is certainly nothing special about my goals. They are very real! I need so much help in these area.


Do you have any goals for the school year?





Best of 2014

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I’m so excited to be writing this…a list of my favorite posts of the year. I can never really pick one post because they are all written close to my heart. I’ve had this goal since last year and well…never got to it. That seems to often be the case with blogging…So many goals and so little time to cram it all into this space. This year I plan to clean up my act a little and make my goals look more attainable. I want to say a big thank you to all of you who read here. I’ve seen my readers grow in number over the months and it always shocks me to see a diligent number of people interested. Blogging isn’t easy, neither is putting yourself out there. So thank you for being my readers! Here’s to 2015 eh?


Our back to school party..so much fun!


Paper bag journal


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Boy mom blessings


Memorial day fun


Slowdays at a glance


In celebration of slow


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letting snow marinate


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Encouraging single moms



I’m so excited for God’s provision in 2015. It’s a new year bringing more mess ups, more grace, and brand new mercies.

Do you have a favorite post of 2014 from this blog? Let me know down below!


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October’s Goals



Though the month of October is almost coming to an end I’d like to share my goals with you. It has been very helpful to me to also write these goals in my journal and on my fridge. Writing down my goals for the month helps me in planning. I’m also that crazy person who has lists all over the place. Whenever I switch my pocket books I dump at least four or five out. Hello my name is Nykiah and I’m addicted to a plan. 🙂

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. It makes me want to cuddle with an apple or pumpkin dessert of some kind! Yum! I also love that the leaves are finally starting to change color and the weather is getting colder. Time to snuggle! And don’t let me forget that I love boots and sweaters. Ding!

Here we go:




We have many traditions that we like to do around fall. How about you?


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September’s Goals

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I realized upon writing this post that I never posted some of my goals for the summer. It’s been a very busy summer. My bucket list has sort of grown and taken over on it’s own but I’m very happy that we got to spend time with each other and slow down.

We left off last at May. I posted a scripture that was the common vehicle for my life’s goals.

Commit your actions to the Lord and your plans will succeed. Proverbs 16:3

I’ve been working a lot on being consistent with my kiddos and with my work that I have. And so far I am very pleased with where I currently am in my life. Life is slow, life is edifying, life is beautiful; certainly full of its ups and down but Jesus is my hub. I realize that working from my hub spills all over my life, my heart, my family. I’m loving that.

When you get married it is not very easy to accept your role and the expectations the other person has of or for you. And sometimes your expectations of another are unachievable. This is especially true for wives. I think every woman has had that thought, even if they don’t have children, when your hubby comes home and your up to your head in things to do and he goes to sit down. Many of us have had that time where it was like waaahhh?? Children make it worst.

But in my studying and reflecting on my role as mom and babe I recognize that my mouthstyle needs to match my lifestyle. I preach this to my children. That everything they do must be for the lord, about the Lord and because you love the Lord. Not for people.

I have a large plate. I am my family’s hub. They come to me for advice, for tears to be wiped, for love to be stirred up, for God to be shown. It is important that everything I do be for the Lord, about the Lord and because I love the Lord. This is the best thing-er gift I can gift to them. It is what I must remind my self when I feel myself. It gets overwhelming at times but I must learn to trust and depend on the Lord and not myself. I find that I am most exhausted when I’ve been counting on my own strength. I’m grateful that my hubby leads me well and preaches the truth into my life when life takes its toll on me.

My prayer is that I learn to accept my role with grace and love. My hubby works long hours, he works hard even after he gets home. He needs grace, my children need grace. I need God…and grace.

I am proud to say that I have met my goals for the month of May. I try to be real with myself and not set unattainable goals. I am more at ease with under achieving in this area for my sanity. Trying to be the mom who does it all has its limits.

We have started our first week of second grade and preschool has taken off. My biggest goal for September is consistency since we are back to our school year routine. This will help us all get back on track.

  • I’d like to implement a weekly devotional time that is intentional. Where we share an object lesson and talk about some real life issues as a family.
  • Develop a more etched quiet time- for myself in the morning. This is hard for me because my quiet time is usually at 5:30 in the morning but I find that when I have it, my day is more focused and my heart is more manageable.
  • Bed early- In order for me to be able to get up, I need to actual get rest. 9:30 for now is my goal time.
  • Plan well- I am so bad with time but I’m a super planner. If I take the time to plan well and organize my time I think I can survive. I’m so siked that I actually finished planning our preschool year out and have up to December in lesson plans done. This has given me so much freedom and much less stress.
  • Back to family time- We kind of took a break from our family nights this summer and I’d like to get back to them. I’m wanting to use ziploc bags to plan them and organize so I know what I want to do.
  • Take the boys to a sibling class
  • Start on LoveGodGreatly Esther Study
  • Freeze apple sauce
  • Can Peaches
  • Freeze Corn
  • Meal plan with more natural healthy options
  • Start a scrapbook journal for Slow
  • Start family goals for the month
  • Fall Decor-I love change and decorating my home during different seasons. It helps me get excited about making my home home.
  • Write love notes to my hubby in his Lunch- I never do this because I am mostly verbal. There is nothing wrong with that but I want to encourage my hubby more and let him know how much I love and appreciate him-indifferent ways.

Now that school has started and work has gone nowhere, what are you wanting to work on most?



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May’s Goals



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So last month’s goals were doable for me. I’ve been trying to set goals that I can actually accomplish, things that take baby steps to get to and recover small victories. I guess that is the planner girl in me.

I looked back at last month’s goals and thought for sure I bombed because life just pushed those goals to the side. But these goals were ones I’ve already been trying to perfect.

Family Nights have turned into us watching a movie or just playing a game lately but I’m anxious to get back to themed nights now that summer is almost upon us. I think a picnic is brewing!!

Keeping my bible open on the counter has migrated to my coffee table because my kitchen counter often becomes the catch-all.

Using my crockpot twice a week has slowly turned into a small blessing, though I’d like to find more family friendly meals to dump in it. Planning my meals monthly and using what I have is getting easier, though I don’t always want to sit and think about it. Having options for what to cook when I am rushed or lax is great and takes less thinking.

I have to admit though I have been reading but I wasn’t very interested last month but I love to read soooo. 🙂

I actually did one more page for our family book and I plan my week on a white board that is on my refrigerator. It has everything from my cleaning schedule to appointment  reminders for the day. I used to do my cleaning every Saturday but lately that has been stealing Saturday away from me, so now I clean one part of my house for 30 minutes every day and focus on my daily chores for that day too. This has been much easier and when I lapse on something it all comes crashing down so it’s better that I don’t.

Quiet time is making its appearance every now and again.

I chose this particular scripture because it convicted me in this area. I always try to be intentional in my thinking and what I am doing but somehow committing these last goals to the Lord were not in my budget. It’s not that I didn’t want to, I never thought about it until I came across this passage in my reading this week.

Commit your actions to the Lord and your plans will succeed. Proverbs 16:3

This passage  implies that we must maintain a delicate balance of trusting God like everything depends on him but working like it depends on us. I love that!

Here’s what I read in my commentary that I love: There are different ways to fail to commit whatever we do to the Lord . Some of us commit our work superficially. Saying that the project is being done for the Lord, but in reality doing it for ourselves. Others give God temporary control of our interest, only to take control back the moment things stop going the way they expect. Still some of us commit a task fully to the Lord but put forth no effort ourselves, and then we wonder why we don’t succeed. Think of an effort that you are specifically involved in now. Have you committed it to the Lord?

I love when God’s word cuts deep and heals at the same time! So with my goals today I’d like to give them up fully not half-hearted but totally without my control.

So on to May’s goals. Yes she has her own but we’re trying to make some habits here  so they are not all very new.

So my first goal is to practice last month’s goals. See I told you.

Work on end of the year crafts and treats for classmates and teacher.

Work on some themed Family ideas and our welcome summer shindig for the last day of school.

Spring cleaning- I’ve still got Easter stuff up because it’s one of my favorite times of the year. Sad to take my stuff down.

Finish our family book at last and start on this years.

Start on our summer bucket

End of the year Preschool and 1st grade picture


So that’s that! I soon would like to start on family goals together where we each take a turn to write something we’d like to to see, learn or get better at. I also don’t want to overload my plate so small steps!

Do you have any goals for this month? 



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April’s Goals- Work in Progress

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I thought I’d share this here today. I am working on being a better servant and housewife. In my quest to mimic a slow life that is sustainable and simplistic I find that order helps that. Here are a few things I have been working on and want to work on more.

Family time: More activities that invite us to grow together, fun themed family nights

Bible open on the counter: So when there are moments to spare, I can renew my spirit

Crockpot: Use at least twice a week, especially Sundays to free up more time

Meal Plan: For the month regularly and use what I have

Read: More

Manage: Organize a daily blessing of my home “cleaning”

Plan: The days, So I won’t get overwhelmed with last-minute do it all. Daily schedule.

Quiet time: Crucial to a sane Mama

Finish: Our 2013 Photo book and some scrapbook pages for the boys


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