Family Valentine Idea’s

So Valentine’s Day is coming up and it’s about time for me to start planning my annual Valentine’s Day Family Fun Night! I am so excited because this year we have a special guest joining us for the first time in our festivities…My husband!

In previous years I’d set the table up like a restaurant for Hulk Smash and Kid Hero, buy them a book, make something red for dinner, dessert and we’d do something fun like play a game.

This year my plans have changed a bit. My New Years “Resolution” is to try to get us to spend more quality time more often so with that I’ve been trying to set one up every week if possible. We spend tons of time together going places and getting stuff done but not too many days just doing nothing in fellowship. Every family needs that to grow whether they have little one’s or big one’s at home. Family time is an investment for everyone.

So every week I set up a themed night starting in the morning  with a fun breakfast like snow man pancakes, then dinner with something simple and a snack like jello popcorn balls. We then head to our living room for fun like mini golf, a hot game of beat the parents or reading books. Anything but the TV goes!

Well I thought about you lovely ladies in the process of my planning this time and I thought you might enjoy some ideas for fun too! These are things you are able to get creative with. Don’t limit these to just you and the kids!

Of course Valentine’s Day for me goes beyond a decorated table and some treats. It is a day I choose to amp up my love for my kids and our love  for Jesus. It’s about building their character and giving them a chance to openly express that love for their family and Jesus. Jesus is always the center. Later next week I  will share my ideas.

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Live life on purpose,


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Blogging with a purpose

Me and my stupid pride. Yup that’s right I said it.

For weeks I’ve sat down to write and every time I’d type a word and feel no confirmation that God was including himself in that post.

What happens when there is nothing to write? I seriously have no answer for that.

I remember when I started to take off full fledge in this blogging arena. Excitement would fill me as people would comment and send me emails letting me know how encouraged they were from one of my posts. (I save every last email so if you have sent one, Thank you!) That gave me courage to keep writing and to keep listening to the Lord regarding the way I write. I pretty soon switched from “wanna be” fashion blogger to real-life blogger mom. No college degree. No experience. Just a “free-lance” writer who wanted to be an encouragement and inspiration.

But then it got me.

The constant checking of stats, watching other bloggers grow and wanting to be in the same place. I forgot my mission for this blog. The battle of “do this and you’ll be a successful blogger” syndrome. I forgot that I wanted this blog to say something and plant seeds that could help people. And definitely keep my health.

It’s so easy to let social media, and high blog stats become a god. It’s so easy to push my readers to the side and worry about me. Gosh darn flesh and its desires for greed.

This is pretty good evidence of my sinful tendencies and I’m positive it is evidence of my constant need to be close to Jesus.

So from now on I will continue blogging to plant seeds of encouragement, love, laughter, and edification. Most importantly I will blog about what I love! Food, crafts, and all things children; not worrying too much about being the blogger world’s Jack of all trades.

It’s not always about a picture, a number, or a strategy, though, I’m not at all saying there is not a craft to be honed. I’m simply saying that if you read, blog or inspire to be a writer, do it because you love it. Water it by working on it and your gift will make room for you. Room (Opportunity) for you to expand off of God’s vision and bear the fruit of his glory

So today I am relaunching my blog, sort of like a start over with some big plans and a new focus.

To start my relaunch I am posting about a craft today. My sister made this for my bridal shower not too long ago and ever since I’ve been in love with it. She also made a family date night jar and all the guest’s from my bridal shower put ideas for me, hubby and family to do and share. I keep the family one out in the open and every now and then I look in the date night jar for some ideas to spice things up.

What you will need:

Glue gun

1 sheet cork board card stock paper

1 Mason Jar

Thumb tacks (cut off the stem)

Crinkle scissors (my word)

Paper, a printer or markers

Card stock paper (your color choice)


Wide popsicle sticks


Make sure your jar is clean

Cut your cork sheet 4 1/2 inches wide

Wrap cork sheet around the jar and hit it with some glue

Print the words (one on regular printer paper and the other on the card stock), “Family Date Night Jar” twice with enough spaces for you to cut around with the crinkle scissors for the individual words

Cut out the individual words with the crinkle scissors and glue them in your own arrangement, to the jar

Glue the tacks to the Jar in your own arrangement

Next cut out the Word Phrase and glue it to a popsicle stick

Fill the Jar with beans and enjoy!

Have family members write their ideas and throw them in. Valentine’s Day is coming up! Spend it intentionally.


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DIY {Pull String} Angry Bird Pinata

I must say that I’m a bit surprised by the interest in my pins on my boys’ birthdays on pinterest. It never ceases to amaze me how much pinterest brings traffic to this blog.

Anyway, I promised back in March that I’d put up the tutorial for all you homemade moms out there. I will say, we work very hard at pleasing our children through seasons of their lives. My little big one was extremely excited about this. Though neither one of them helped. Nevertheless I stayed up til 2 am putting party stuff together for him that weekend…And you know what??? I loved it! It kicked butt in my book to put all my time and energy into my child’s birthday. I never realized how much of a homemaker I am until now.  Wink wink. Well, you didn’t come here to read my voice did you? I thought so. Here is what you really want. This is a pull string pinata meant to be pulled from the bottom. All the kids had a piece of string to yank on. We didn’t have the option of hanging ours up at the party place so that is why we made it a pull string. You could easily just flip this upside down and hang it. Just make sure you secure the flaps a bit more before you do it.We cheated and made it a bit loose for the kiddos. My inspiration came from this lady.


1. Get started by gathering what you need.

  • A pack of punch of balloons (.97 at Walmart)
  • Gather a whole stack of newspaper (I used my whole circular)
  • Make your paste using 2 cups of water and 2 cups of flour
  • 2 rolls crepe paper (any color you’d like)
  • Angry bird face printable(you could also use crepe paper to cover a party hat to make a beak and stick some black crepe paper to the butt for a fluffy tail)
  • Gloves (optional)
  • Few pieces of cardboard


Once you have your balloon all blown up to the size you would like your pinata, cut your newspaper in strips. I folded mine in fours and cut the edges. Lazy I know.


2. Dip your paper strips into your paste mixture and smooth until the excess paste runs off. Then lay your strip onto the balloon making overlapping patterns.

(Make sure you lay this out on a surface you don’t mind getting messy. I covered my table with plastic bags.)


I was pressed for time after a while and just plain didn’t feel like doing it anymore at 12 am, so I dipped multiple strips in and went to work. Afterwards I smoothed the layers with my hand. I had regular latex gloves on. It felt really weird and icky!


3. Set your balloon out to dry at least 24 hrs.

Funny story. I started on this project the night before my sons party. I knew I needed 24 hrs drying time but me being the “try it until you prove yourself wrong” mom, I did it anyway. What was my secret??? Fans. One ceiling fan and a big wind machine fan that sat on the floor. The sucker wasn’t fully dry that morning. (still a bit damp) So I let it dry a few more hours until I was done the cake. Needless to say, it can be done if you have one night and three fans at all angles.


4. Cut a square in the top after the whole thing is dry. One that is big enough for you to stuff snacks in. and keep closed. Then punch holes down the sides of the squares. (Ignore the one in the middle. Ours was a bit fragile at the top due to lack of thickness. So make sure you make the paper thick on the top and bottom where you will be pulling and stuffing.)

5. Stick some ribbon or string through the holes and tie them in knots on the inside. So you should be able to dangle the pinata by holding the strings in your hand.


6. Tape the knots down. I used gorilla tape to ensure that we’d have no trouble out of them. BOOM!



7. Fill the pinata with whatever you’d like. I love this part because I’m that mom to put out apples and string cheese at a party. I stuffed mine with a few cookies, not much candy and some other good snacks. I was talked out of putting apples in. LOL!


8. Next take a few cardboard scraps and cut them in tiny squares.

Hot glue them on top of the flaps to make sure the flap stays put while you hang it or hold it.


Here comes the most tedious part of this all if your working alone.

9. Cut your crepe paper in strips and glue them to your pinata horizontally. (about 5-6 inches long) Then cut slits in the middle of every strip.

We used hot glue until we ran out and realized glue sticks worked so much better!



You can see above how we’ve cut slits in the one’s at the bottom.

Keep going, we were being lazy and decided to finish that part at the end.


Do this all the way until you reach the top. In our case the top was the bottom. Again laziness out of us! We fixed the peep holes aftewards.

My handsome did an awesome job helping me 🙂


Lastly find your printable face that you’d like to use and show up at the party with your homemade pinata.

We taped the flaps and everything so good. That it took an adult to yank the pinata really hard with the kids to let the pinata down.

I would do it again. But not without my hunney. 🙂

Happy Birds {An Angry Bird Series} Birthday Party

What an honor it is to be raising two of the most handsome arrows ever. On March 4th I had the privilege of mothering my oldest Kid Hero for 6 years. That doesn’t seem like a lot at all. LOL! But you learn a lot in so little time.

Anyhow. My oldest boy turned six!! I never believed I’d live til that day. Why? Because parenting is hard and I do it all wrong! {really good post check it out!}

You’ll get it if you read the post…hopefully lol!

So the boy has successfully reached a pre-teen. Yes! I’m officially a mean mother. nan-nan-a- boo-boo! Ok enough! LOL

He wanted an angry bird bowling party with some friends from school. We ended up just having a chaotic little bash at The FunPlex in Mt. Laurel, NJ. Needless to say, It stressed me out! I thought it was going to be easier and less chaotic…maybe not?

I’ve decided that house party will be trending in my family…I’m a junkie for DIY decor and staying up til 2 am to finish a cake. Yup, that’s me. 🙂

The pull string pinata {inspired by her} I made myself with some help from my sidekick.{Tutorial coming soon!!} And I whipped up a pull apart cupcake cake with a simple design that wouldn’t make me twitch. I used brown paper bags for goody bags with an angry bird face slapped on the front.

It was a really good day despite the chaos!


IMG_6862 IMG_6861 IMG_6842 IMG_6905 IMG_6845

I made marbled cupcakes adapted from Magnolia’s Bakery in New York and stuck with my own buttercream icing.

My sister slapped a load of icing on my face for the fun of it. LOL! I’m the youngest…

We all walked away with a life changing experience and headaches….but at least we were happy birds! 🙂

Here’s a picture from my Hulk Smash’s 3rd birthday party back in November!! It was so much fun that I barely took pictures! LOL! It’s because I do it all wrong.

He had everything from green eggs (deviled eggs) to blue goose juice!{hawaiian punch, ginger ale and sherbet mix It was a total blast!