Why I have So Many Journals: (part2) of gratitude all year Round

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It’s a conundrum of a situation really. I can’t even keep up most of the time with remembering calendar events from day-to-day. How in the world do I keep up with five journals? Well,  one will soon drop off is what I tell myself to keep it all together. Maybe not. ha.  But writing has always been an outlet for me. I’ve written books and thrown them away for fear of my tear-stained words being captured by the public, written letters to my children many times, filled pages with poetry and solicited my cries to the lord for many years. Writing is truly more than just words or my expression, it is partly my makeup. What I use to display my blemishes of life and my hearts beauty.


This post is focusing on the journals that I keep for my children. I’ve had them since they were born. What do I keep in those dusty lined paper books?

Significant events: bringing them home, Seizure episodes, asthma occurrences, first surgeries, teeth, records of milestones like the first book read or when they tied their shoe, recognition of Jesus (accepting Christ), birthday party recaps, trips, teachers

Prayers: for future mates, heart issues I recognize, things that are special in their lives and characteristics of integrity

Funny Stuff: phrases they say, things they do

Books: I need to get for them or read for raising them (would like to do this more)

Scriptures: for their lives and that I pray

What I do not keep in these books:

Records of wrongs

My anger and frustration with them

Negative things about them

A friend recommended the book While They Were Sleeping to me a while ago. I love this book because it keeps me focused on the things I need to be praying and desiring for my children. It gives me specifics and is almost written in devotional form.

Since baby #3 hasn’t arrived yet I journal my pregnancy. This journal is filled with prayers for baby, my food aversions, month by month recaps, things that change about my body, Ideas, favorite foods, sleeping patterns. nursing plans etc.

Keeping these journals year after year is my way of savoring memories and reflecting on past times of growth and maturity. I hope that when my children are grown and married that I will be able to share these with my children, their spouses and my grandchildren.

Do you keep journals for your children? What are some things that you keep in them? 


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