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As I look back on the previous year I can see that we have been reading lots of books. I’ve wanted to share many of those books here and I may even form a book list for this year since I have my eye on a couple of really good ones. Lately My husband and I have been on a quest for a good book to read to our children every night-a chapter book that we could trek through together aside from the bible. It is another chance to be together and read to them which is an idea that we love.


We are currently enjoying these books. Nightly after bed time routines and the night slows down, our little people pile into our bed to read Christian mother goose and Caleb’s story. So far Caleb’s grandfather has come back to the farm, Anna has gone to school in town and a huge snowstorm in happening. We cannot wait to read the next chapters!

Parenting from your strengths is a great book for parents who want to understand the personalities of their children and how to best help them. My husband and I are looking forward to adding the LOBG (lion, otter, beaver, golden retriever) model of personalities to review our children along with their character. We identify so much with the information in this book and it is extremely helpful for a mother who is total opposite of her boys. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to learn to love and understand the differences about their children and how that relates to themselves.


(I received this book in exchange for my review)

This book is full of really cool paper crafts! It has things for me and the children. I cannot wait to use this for our Valentine’s Day family fun night!

So what are you reading?



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