A Few of my Favorite Gifts

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I know Christmas is coming this week so I am a bit late in sharing these. These are a few of my favorite gifts that we’ve given over the years. Lately our giving around here has been more “homespun” than store-bought. I have been in the groove of giving homemade primarily to save money but it is so easy to go out and buy something to give. It takes a good amount of thoughtfulness to give something homemade or to sew something for someone.

I love personal touch! It makes my heart warm when I open a gift from someone and it is simply homemade.

I look forward to this season because I am usually pulling my hair with excitement to give. Every Christmas and spring we give something special to our mail lady.

The year before I made this cup for her and added some k-cups, socks and a special note. One time when it snowed a lot and she was driving along. She stopped while we were shoveling to tell us how much she loved it and loves providing us with mail. It’s the little things!

Joy Mug>>howtotrainasuperhero.com



Joy Mug>>howtotrainasuperhero.com















Last Year we made salt dough ornaments to give to our family members. In addition, my boys made a cute little candy cane for our mail lady. I made white chocolate granola bark with homemade granola and tied into a cute little package along with the ornament the boys made.


granola bark>>howtotrainasuperhero.com

granola bark >>howtotrainasuperhero.com

Last year my heart was warm for my sisters and in-laws. Since we often have to work around the holidays and be unique with our schedule (due to being a blended family) I wanted to encourage the gift of family and time together. Sometimes we can get so wrapped up in the daily grind of things that our family time falls by the wayside. So we made a box that had all sort of fun stuff in it for an ice cream family night. These are all the rage in my home and my boys were so excited to share things that they like.

familyfunnight >>howtotrainasuperhero.com

I also love to knit in my spare time. One year I arm knit these infinity scarves for my neices.

infinity scarf >>howtotrainasuperhero.com

A favorite things basket. I save my strawberry boxes in summer for gifting and gave this to a friend.



I’ve been wanting to compile this post for some time now. I hope that you can find something creative to give too! It doesn’t have to be a lot and most times the thought that you put into the gift outweighs the rest.

Merry Christmas!



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