My Goals for the school year


Looking ahead, setting goals seems more like a chore than a plan. There has been so much that has hit my life this year and asking God to show me what Joy looks like through it has come alive in more ways than not. The need to breathe is certainly an understatement. Finally though I feel like I have the brain cells to sit down to write a post. No one told me a third child would shake the game and leave my idea of “superwoman” to crumble at the cracks. ha.

We have a third grader this year and a kindergartener. For my third grader I can already see that this will be a year that will thoroughly influence his outlook on life. He’s starting to pay more attention to what functional and dysfunctional looks like.

With that in mind I want to provide a better healthy platform for all of my children. For me this year, that means cleaning up some of the raw edges in our family life and organizing better. So here are a few things that I’d like to challenge myself to do better or give up better.

Organize- I think we can all use some extra help in this area raising children so I won’t even hark on my messy life. Chores, papers, meals, appointments…life. It all needs a big cup of organization.

Family talent shows- I forever want to be building my children up. If they never want to shine anywhere else, they should at home. My husband and I think that this is a great way to spend family time and draw out our gifts and talents leaving conversation for how we can use them.

Prepare ahead of time- Though I am a natural planner, I don’t do a great job at preparing ahead. In my head things will go over easy until I’m down to the wire and stressing out my entire family because I’m frantic.

Learn to say no- I’m a party girl! I love entertaining and extra curricular activities but sometimes I can get carried away and overload our schedule. My children don’t need to do everything and neither do I.

Volunteer twice a month at school- This may seem like nothing but at one point I volunteered once a week. Thinking ahead to future children, I think it is wise to cut back on being overly involved. The whole school knows who I am.

Live Simple- In America we are always needing more. More stuff, more time, more friends. I don’t want any more stuff. I want to better be content with what I have and not have a an attitude of entitlement. I want this for my children, to be good stewards over what we have first and know the importance and blessing of family, friends and community.


There is certainly nothing special about my goals. They are very real! I need so much help in these area.


Do you have any goals for the school year?




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