Memories of 2014

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(Happy Birthday Jesus Party)

It’s truly not a secret that I love the holidays. Christmas especially!

Over the past few years-while my children were young-I spent my time trying out new traditions. Since my children are at a good age to remember things, now was the time to really etch those holiday traditions in stone.

I was inspired by my friends over at Patience Brewster to keep the holiday spirit alive and share with you all my favorite memorable moments of the past holiday. Here I will share of few of my favorites that we have adopted. If you aren’t familiar with Patience’s work I encourage you to check it out. Patience designs some intricate and unique things. One of my favorite’s is her ornaments.

Christmas Ornaments

(Picture Courtesy of the Patience Brewster website)

So this year for Christmas I put together a few days of advent activities that we could enjoy. They ranged from a cookie baking day to an ornament making day. Family and togetherness is so important to us and we were so grateful to have a nice Christmas together this year. I’ve managed to grab a few snapshots for this occasion. Here are some highlights from this past Christmas season that we won’t be forgetting!

 Scene’s from our Christmas Tree. This year the theme for our tree was a little country with a touch of rustic and Jesus all over. It’s so easy to forget that real meaning. I made these ornaments from printable’s I found around the web and scaled them down to a smaller size. I also made the pine cone ornaments by hot gluing some twine in a bow to the top of them.

 A little rustic vintage touch. My hubby used to love this sled as a kid. In fact he gets tempted every now and again to pull it out for the kid’s. I use it for decoration; a great way to salvage a childhood memory.

All over pinterest. Two of my favorite things combined! Mason jars and Christmas trees. I. just. love. them!

Cookie baking day. We baked cookies ALL day as a family…one recipe after another then gobbled them all up!

We look forward to this every year. Ginger bread house making with whatever we can find!

Snow man family night with homemade pizza’s and games.

Ornaments! Made, passed down and bought. Some of these were made by me when my babies were in the belly.

Jesse Tree ornaments.

My all time favorite this year was our homemade ornaments. We used some of them as gift tags and gave some as gifts.
I love decorating for the Christmas season! This year my family got together at my Mil’s home for pork, sauerkraut, and mashed potatoes-representive of good luck in the Mennonite community. Nothing says a happy new year like sauerkraut seeping out of your pores! The kiddos run shoeless, games are played and lazy conversation is had.
So these are my favorite memories of 2014, now we are making room for the new memories of 2015!

 What’s your favorite tradition or memory of the holiday season?


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