Best of 2014

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I’m so excited to be writing this…a list of my favorite posts of the year. I can never really pick one post because they are all written close to my heart. I’ve had this goal since last year and well…never got to it. That seems to often be the case with blogging…So many goals and so little time to cram it all into this space. This year I plan to clean up my act a little and make my goals look more attainable. I want to say a big thank you to all of you who read here. I’ve seen my readers grow in number over the months and it always shocks me to see a diligent number of people interested. Blogging isn’t easy, neither is putting yourself out there. So thank you for being my readers! Here’s to 2015 eh?

Our back to school much fun!

Paper bag journal

What a lemon pie taught me about God

How one night I couldn’t sleep

Boy mom blessings

Memorial day fun

Slowdays at a glance

In celebration of slow

My joy filled  life

letting snow marinate


Letting weakness reflect my dependency on God


Encouraging single moms


I’m so excited for God’s provision in 2015. It’s a new year bringing more mess ups, more grace, and brand new mercies.

Do you have a favorite post of 2014 from this blog? Let me know down below!

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