Operation Christmas Child

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Missions is a big part of being a believer. Giving and blessing are core in my family. Whether it be with our time, our money or our resources, being a blessing is close to my heart. Each year I try to find a new way for our family to be involved in giving and serving. I want my children to grow up with an attitude of gratitude for what and how they have been blessed. I want them to understand that every good and perfect gift is given by God. And I want them to never forget that by always allowing the Lord to use them to serve others.

A great practical way for that to be implemented is Operation Christmas child. We do this as a apart of our 8 days of advent activities. We’ve had the date saved for collection week for about a year now and when it finally came my boys were excited. They started looking around the house for all sorts of things to give. It was so cute and thoughtful that I could not bear to tell them right away that we could not give used things. Oops!

Here’s what was in our box:

(1) toothbrush and Toothpaste

(1) 3 pack pair of sock

(1) pack of pencils

(1) pack of crayons

(1) ninja turtle Puzzle

(2) hotwheel cars

(1) sheet of stickers

(1) homemade coloring book

(1) bag of homemade play dough

We decorated some regular shoe boxes with scrapbook paper and chose to track our boxes. Each of my boys packed a shoe box for a boy their age. When went to buy items for the boxes I tried to be more intentional with encouraging them to buy things that they would use. This was not hard. They picked up lots of toys that they wanted. Ha!

We really enjoy this activity and time. We also like to watch video’s of the children receiving their gift and we just got word that our boxes have arrived to Namibia. What a sweet experience.

How does your family serve during the Christmas season?


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