How To Encourage a Single Mother During the Holiday’s

As I look back on the last few years of my life and the position I was then in, I can’t help but look up to the heavens and through the clouds declare that there is a glorious God hiding beyond the face of the universe.

My life is living proof of our great God!

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 I was a single mom searching through the heartache of my past for some rhyme or reason to keep pushing forward. I had many sleepless nights, many hopeless and endless nights, many joyful nights but more struggling nights.

On the outside I mirrored a strong young woman, kind at heart but living with a chipped shoulder in desperate need of relief from long hours at work, and bills that stacked way higher than my means but on the inside I was worried, depressed and just making it. Wanting someone to reach out without feelings of shame.

When someone who walked by and passed me muttered the words, “happy holidays” I felt anything but happy. My mind was bent on making this years Christmas count just as much as last because I didn’t always have it. It was stressful…My children were young and there was no way they would understand that mama was struggling. How could I let them down? The reality of Christ and his sacrifice was clear to me and truly means a lot but my focus was jaded by the commercials that promoted family, gifts, food and hot specialty drinks,which are all good things. My children spent half the holiday away from home and that made it worst. Christmas was anything but that though I always tried to make it work.

My sister-in-law asked me one year, ” how can I bless a single mom for Christmas?” I had to search deep. Who wants to say, “hey, I’m barely making it, my kids need clothes?” Not I, not me, not then.

Encouragement…that’s what was needed. A kind gesture to let me know that God sees me, my sacrifice and my hard work. The extra clarification that I was doing the best I could and that was okay. A friend. Someone who came over just for coffee to sit and chat with me, didn’t judge me but really wanted to know me. More Jesus; incentives that pushed me toward the truth instead of all the lies I could and was believing about my life. An invitation…ideas for my family that helped me redefine the true meaning of Christmas.

I wanted my boys to feel like they were apart of a family..that when Christmas, Christmas Eve or the day the courts made up for me to have them came it wouldn’t feel so empty or quiet.

Not all single moms live this way, not all single moms feel the same and maybe even, not all single moms are struggling but the reality is…many are and many need hope. I compiled this list from my own experience and in talking with other single mother’s.

How can you bless a single mom for the holidays? Take a look!

Pray for them
Encourage them with scripture
Invite them to church
Give a gift that will help them to exhale like a book (desperate) with a treat, some homemade bath bombs, homemade cookies
A meal on wheels-so they don’t have to cook on the holiday (maybe parts of the meal like a ham or turkey, some sides, a dessert)
Meals for the freezer
Unwrapping the greatest gift
An ice cream kit-a box with some cute cups, cones, sprinkles, liquid topping banana’s and a board game to top it off
A Movie kit- all the fixings for a snack bar like candies, homemade white chocolate popcorn, a recipe for a cool drink and a good family movie
Go over and be with her and the kids and have movie night with them.
A bag of clothing, used or new. Kids coats, shoes or clothing.
Send a few groceries
Pick up a gift on her list for the kids (She most likely won’t have many)
Give a gift card to a restaurant
Serve her-Go over and help her

Many single moms are forgotten. Let’s love on them and give hope in Christ.
Do you have more things that you could add to this list? Share them below!

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