Slow Day

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Lately slow days for us has been much less than that. The busyness of life has kept us at a fast pace for quite some time now and since we haven’t had many days off from school that has made it much harder to exhale in the midst of all of it. Happily we recently had a few days off from school. My motivation has been a little dim but I was determined for us to get back to slow. Speaking of that. Christmas music is already playing! How crazy is that? I love a good Christmas song but sheesh Thanksgiving hasn’t come and gone yet.

Anyway, we got snow over our days off. Not much but just enough to cover a few things and make a snow man. I seriously could not stop giggling. I love snow! Our plan for the days was to go to our preschool science co-op with big brother, make applesauce, make a snow man and drink a cup of hot chocolate. Thus we succeeded! Yay!

At our science co-op we learned about turkeys and the differences between a male and female. We even got to get close to a real male turkey which was cool and since we had some apples left over from our cousins, we made peach and blueberry apple sauce and then the boys went out to roll a snow man before the sun came out. This all happened before 10 o’clock!

Though we didn’t take many pictures, these slow days were just so worth the relaxation. It’s getting colder out. Tell me what you are getting into!



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