Meal Plan Monday #26

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I have to admit to you. I haven’t been very creative in my meal planning lately. Since week thirty of my pregnancy I’ve gotten a little slow, “turtle like” in my words. Meals around here have been simple and less timely and that’s okay with me.

Today I’d like to share a meal that goes over well and is fairly easy and enjoyed in my house. My boys, carnivorous at heart, won’t go near anything green or labeled healthy around here. So I have to sneak things in and tell them what it is later. Ha. Sneaky? Manipulative? Maybe. At least I tell them what they are eating at some point in their lives. (warning: this was just a joke.)

This meal has the perfect blend of flavors and the quinoa adds a nutty flavor that balances the whole dish. I make this on our easy breezy mornings. I keep cooked quinoa in the freezer so that I can just thaw it the night before and use it the next day. This also works well with quinoa salads. Try it!

kale quinoa scramble

I like to add all kinds of things to this meal. Tomato, peppers, bacon, it all turns out good with different types of cheeses too. Options are endless!


2 cups kale, loosely packed and chopped

10 cherry tomatoes sliced in half

8 eggs, beaten (I usually add a splash of milk)

1 cup quinoa, cooked

1/2 onion

1 package of breakfast sausage cut up(We like brown and serve or any fresh deli sausage links)

Cheddar cheese 1/2-1 cup or more if you like


In a large frying pan cook sausage per directions and cut up. Throw in onion, tomato, kale and saute until kale is cooked through. Dump in eggs and scramble. Don’t over cook. Next add in quinoa and cheese. Toss until mixed through. This usually doesn’t need any seasoning but season to taste if you’d like with salt and pepper. That’s it!

Recipe adapted from withstyleandgraceblog

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