What I’m Reading Wednesday {November}

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Desperate by Sarah Mae and Sally Clarkson is a great book for mom’s desperately needing validation in their everyday lives from God that they are enough, that God is strong when they are weak and that he is our help. A great book with practical application and an awesome companion for personal devotion!

I am also really enjoying Really Bad Girls of the Bible. I love the way Liz relates each story to a modern version of her own. The workbook allows you to dig deeper spiritually in your own life. It is a great companion for a personal or group study. In this book you would think that these ladies would be familiar faces of the bible. However, Liz seeks out the women we aren’t familiar with, the one”s we haven”t thought of, like the woman caught in adultery, and allows us to invite in our likeness to these women. It is such a challenging book to study and work through but brings much growth from the first page.

What are you reading?


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