October’s Goals



Though the month of October is almost coming to an end I’d like to share my goals with you. It has been very helpful to me to also write these goals in my journal and on my fridge. Writing down my goals for the month helps me in planning. I’m also that crazy person who has lists all over the place. Whenever I switch my pocket books I dump at least four or five out. Hello my name is Nykiah and I’m addicted to a plan. 🙂

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. It makes me want to cuddle with an apple or pumpkin dessert of some kind! Yum! I also love that the leaves are finally starting to change color and the weather is getting colder. Time to snuggle! And don’t let me forget that I love boots and sweaters. Ding!

Here we go:




We have many traditions that we like to do around fall. How about you?


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