Meal Plan Monday: Potato Gnocchi

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What on earth was I thinking? Perhaps on the frugal side of things and the natural benefits of homemade. You know that copycat Chicken Gnocchi soup from Olive Garden that has been floating around Pinterest for a few years now? Well just last week I had it on my meal plan, I was the last-minute mom running to the store at 3pm to snag a box of potato gnocchi and too tired to run 15 mins to our local Wal-Mart where they might not have it for this soup.

I was trying to avoid being the homemade mom, I promise. BUT. A few hours later and a sick Kid Hero landed me desperate to just finish this meal. All the ingredients were in my cupboard and I had (I can now say that loosely) no experience. First day on the job and hubby says I nailed it.

I had a bag of potatoes on their way to the trash and had managed to save four. So I cooked them, mashed them, rolled them into the dough and my gnocchi was born. 2 pounds 8 ounces?

I like good food, you know. I like easy food. I love homemade food, don’t ya know. This recipe pretty much fits in to all those categories. Took me less than 30 minutes to complete two batches (one for freezing). I encourage you to try it if you are making a good gnocchi recipe. About my soup? My gang slopped it and asked for seconds. A great little potato dumpling. Yum-o!

Try it! I got the recipe from here!

Have you ever tried a recipe with a fear of it not turning out?

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