Slow Days

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I’m sorry I have been away from you for so long! Let me just say that I have a great passion for sharing here and that when I am away I cannot stop thinking of what I want to share with you all!

Baby number three is coming soon, with that being said, all the madness of canning and preserving is explained and exhausted. Since baby D will be approaching puree’d solids and I will be introducing more whole foods in the mid spring/summer, I have been thinking ahead and freezing and canning fresh produce, herbs, butters and the like.

In the picture above I had just finished canning peach butter for the first time. So yummy!! I am so tired of peaches though. 🙂 So happy to get the last batch frozen for little fingers and big belly’s. In total over the last few weeks I’ve calculated that I have canned about 133 cans of produce altogether. That is not much but it is enough for me now.

So on to our slow days now that you know that canning and preserving has been a big part. School is in full swing as you know. We’ve started our preschool co ops and our preschool schedule is taking off. One thing that I am grateful for is the unscheduled breaks that home school allows. So much has been going on lately that this mama has already called for a day or two. Thankfully our schedule is flexible!

Second grade is an experience also. My Kid Hero is slowly learning what accountability and responsibility look like…I’m the list mom. 🙂

Consignment sales! I’ve hit them already along with a couple of thrift stores to stock up on winter clothing. Used is so much better and frugal when you’ve got boys that don’t stay in clothing long.

Our slow days have mainly been about getting back to our routines and spending quality family time. One evening, my hubby and I took our boys to a sibling class for them to learn how to help mom with baby. We’ve also gone to a Lowe’s build and grow clinic, gone on barrel rides at  local farm with my sister and slopped up lots of homemade ice cream!

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