September’s Goals

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I realized upon writing this post that I never posted some of my goals for the summer. It’s been a very busy summer. My bucket list has sort of grown and taken over on it’s own but I’m very happy that we got to spend time with each other and slow down.

We left off last at May. I posted a scripture that was the common vehicle for my life’s goals.

Commit your actions to the Lord and your plans will succeed. Proverbs 16:3

I’ve been working a lot on being consistent with my kiddos and with my work that I have. And so far I am very pleased with where I currently am in my life. Life is slow, life is edifying, life is beautiful; certainly full of its ups and down but Jesus is my hub. I realize that working from my hub spills all over my life, my heart, my family. I’m loving that.

When you get married it is not very easy to accept your role and the expectations the other person has of or for you. And sometimes your expectations of another are unachievable. This is especially true for wives. I think every woman has had that thought, even if they don’t have children, when your hubby comes home and your up to your head in things to do and he goes to sit down. Many of us have had that time where it was like waaahhh?? Children make it worst.

But in my studying and reflecting on my role as mom and babe I recognize that my mouthstyle needs to match my lifestyle. I preach this to my children. That everything they do must be for the lord, about the Lord and because you love the Lord. Not for people.

I have a large plate. I am my family’s hub. They come to me for advice, for tears to be wiped, for love to be stirred up, for God to be shown. It is important that everything I do be for the Lord, about the Lord and because I love the Lord. This is the best thing-er gift I can gift to them. It is what I must remind my self when I feel myself. It gets overwhelming at times but I must learn to trust and depend on the Lord and not myself. I find that I am most exhausted when I’ve been counting on my own strength. I’m grateful that my hubby leads me well and preaches the truth into my life when life takes its toll on me.

My prayer is that I learn to accept my role with grace and love. My hubby works long hours, he works hard even after he gets home. He needs grace, my children need grace. I need God…and grace.

I am proud to say that I have met my goals for the month of May. I try to be real with myself and not set unattainable goals. I am more at ease with under achieving in this area for my sanity. Trying to be the mom who does it all has its limits.

We have started our first week of second grade and preschool has taken off. My biggest goal for September is consistency since we are back to our school year routine. This will help us all get back on track.

  • I’d like to implement a weekly devotional time that is intentional. Where we share an object lesson and talk about some real life issues as a family.
  • Develop a more etched quiet time- for myself in the morning. This is hard for me because my quiet time is usually at 5:30 in the morning but I find that when I have it, my day is more focused and my heart is more manageable.
  • Bed early- In order for me to be able to get up, I need to actual get rest. 9:30 for now is my goal time.
  • Plan well- I am so bad with time but I’m a super planner. If I take the time to plan well and organize my time I think I can survive. I’m so siked that I actually finished planning our preschool year out and have up to December in lesson plans done. This has given me so much freedom and much less stress.
  • Back to family time- We kind of took a break from our family nights this summer and I’d like to get back to them. I’m wanting to use ziploc bags to plan them and organize so I know what I want to do.
  • Take the boys to a sibling class
  • Start on LoveGodGreatly Esther Study
  • Freeze apple sauce
  • Can Peaches
  • Freeze Corn
  • Meal plan with more natural healthy options
  • Start a scrapbook journal for Slow
  • Start family goals for the month
  • Fall Decor-I love change and decorating my home during different seasons. It helps me get excited about making my home home.
  • Write love notes to my hubby in his Lunch- I never do this because I am mostly verbal. There is nothing wrong with that but I want to encourage my hubby more and let him know how much I love and appreciate him-indifferent ways.

Now that school has started and work has gone nowhere, what are you wanting to work on most?


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