Back to School Party

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Friday we had our first back to school celebration with our cousins. I’d been planning this thing since the beginning of summer and I was determined to make it really nice for the children. The theme was seeking God’s treasures. Those things that God values above rubies. Wisdom, understanding, knowledge, and trusting him. I wanted to encourage the children attending that hard work and diligence will pay off with these virtues.

It was really fun!

We started with a treasure hunt for school supplies. The treasure hunt was based in proverbs and each scripture gave a clue to the next school supply. Since we have a lot of open space, I hid most of the supplies in our garden. The last clue was to lunch and after lunch my sister-in-law and I set up some things that we had for a photo-op. I also made chalk board speech bubbles from foam board that we used for photo’s. My picture’s are all over the place honestly because I just snapped as the kiddos ran. I can’t believe I got any pictures worth showing.  Oh but I so can’t wait to do it again next year!

My kid Hero took this in to his new teacher and we heard back that she loved it!


Leaves on straws, bus

Back to school sign, snack signs-

Terra cotta apple

I’m a second grader sign-

Back to school bingo-

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