Gifts that Keep Giving- Baby Shower Gifts

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A few weeks ago my sister-in-law had her baby shower. I’d seen some scrapbook journals online about a year ago that I knew I wanted to make into something cool for a baby shower gift. So when she told us 9 months prior to birthing her handsome baby boy I knew I was giving birth to the paper bag journal. I looked online for inspiration to what I wanted to do but I honestly could not find a thing. I was bummed and decided to draw up some inspiration on my own. I collected some cute things for about 4 months and got to work two weeks before the shower.

It took me one weekend to do this plus another day because I procrastinated.

I wanted this to be a blank canvas for her and a way for her to scrapbook and keepsake for the first year or so. So I tried to make it a blank as possible. Inside it included two handmade pockets for pictures or notes, pockets for the first hair cut and teeth and a plethora of “first” and blank pages for journaling.

I used 9 paper bags and turned them opposite every other bag. So on one side there was an opening and on the other it was the bottom fold. There were 9 pockets and 36 pages including the front and back cover.

I also put together a daddy duty tool belt for my sister in law’s hubby. The kit had ear plugs, diapers, tongs, powder, wipes, hand sanitizer, chemical goggles, gloves, a teether, and face mask. It was quite cute!

I was happy to see that they loved my gift. I always like to come up with handmade things that will mean more to a person. My sister in law and hubby are first time parents. Hopefully this encouraged them going forward and warmed their hearts.

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