21 Weeks and Counting

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I haven’t talked much here about my pregnancy with baby D much other than occasionally mentioning my aversions to food and all things smelly. I just hit my twenty something week mark about a week ago and the nesting is on! I enjoy cooking again and food is my friend.

I’m sure you guys and gals want to know what’s keeping me away from my usual blogging. Life has been so hectic for my family these last weeks with a death in our family and traveling. I just couldn’t mentally gather my thoughts or look at a computer; my brain was exhausted. But I’ve been wanting to let you all in on the secrets of my pregnancy.

So here are a few things that I’ve been wanting to share with you all.

What I’m craving: lately chocolate, water ice, and hotdogs, “spicy”, string beans (baby has let me know they don’t like spicy)

What I’m hating: Fast food, Chinese food, heavy sauces

How I’m sleeping: Great! Which is weird. I’m usually up til 4am and falling asleep just before I have to get up

Pregnancy Symptoms: Feet swelling, heartburn

What I miss: Coffee, energy and being able to sleep on my stomach

What I’m looking forward to: Honestly. Making baby food (I’ve been freezing stuff and writing down things to try), new memories of bumps and bruises, and holding baby

Best moments so far: My hubby takes these moments to talk to baby D throughout the day. The baby goes wild kicking and tossing when he/or she hears him. Hulk smash randomly rubs my tummy and whispers, “hi baby!” Kid hero holds my hand frequently and tells me I’m beautiful (gotta love boys)

What baby is doing: kicking more throughout the day and sliding limbs across my belly

Baby’s gender: We are not telling until our gender reveal so you will have to wait for the deets 🙂

The nesting process: So far the cradle, changing table and rocker are up, clothes are washed and we are waiting to score some good deals on vintage baby toys and an old window.

I am looking forward to preschool and getting back to the school flow with my second grader. So far I have our year mostly planned and am working to be more organized. I feel like a light switch has been clicked on.

I’m always wanting to know what other women have gone through with their pregnancies and things they are doing differently. Let me know!


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