Things only God can do-gratitude all year round

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I’ve been journaling  for quite some time now. Though I’ve never kept a journal that I’ve written in, I’m a sucker for hard backs and stationary. I currently keep five journals on my nightstand (more on that later) not because I am a hog but because writing the joys and sorrows of life on un-bias pages have become a hobby for me. It’s something about pouring your heart out and leaving it there. Ya know?

Over the summer I was encouraged at church one Sunday morning, by a guest pastor, to start a family journal aside from the ones I have. One that records the great things God is so doing in my family life and things we can look back on and either help someone else or help ourselves. It’s for the moments we forget how good God has been no matter what the circumstance and the moments we need to be reminded of God’s hand and work in our lives. At least I’ve determined it to be that.

The Pastor talked about the struggles he had with his young son battling cancer at the worst stage and how him (the pastor) and his wife prayed that the Lord would rid their family of this struggle. He went on to speak about the many friends and family members they had coming alongside of them to also pray and plead with God to heal their son. The reality of this for this family was that God was not going to heal this son right away and that they would have to suffer through that period of their lives-with God’s help. He explained the numerous doctor visits and surgeries to the point of edge and had us all thinking that the Lord had called his son home. But at the end he revealed that this son is doing good now and even gave him his first grandchild. Praise God! The title of his sermon was Does God reveal Himself to us? His testimony that God may not reveal himself the way we want him to but through his will and plan he will certainly show us his character is amazing.

He tells how this story was the inspiration to his sermon and encouraged the congregation to start recording those ways God is and did reveal himself in our individual lives.

So we call ours the things only God can do book and any one out of the four of us can put something in it. As a mother I can pull several stories of grace God has blessed us with and stories we thought we’d never live through.

I went to target and found an inexpensive notebook. I glued a tag to the front of it with a ribbon tied through and wrote the title. Nothing fancy or elaborate. Not even my usual craftiness added to it because I want us to be drawn by the greatness of God through the ink that we pour. Whether it be large or small.

So I encourage you to do to the same if you have not something like this already. Because It’s hard in the midst of a trial to see through it let alone grab strength for it. Hopefully this idea will encourage you and your family to start a journal journey together and record the high’s and low’s of life in God’s hands.

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2 thoughts on “Things only God can do-gratitude all year round

  1. I love this idea. I have a few stories of God’s provision from years ago in an old journal. But now that I journal via computer, having them all in one place has been lost. You’ve encouraged me to dig out that old journal and start writing! Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you Terry for stopping by! It’s tough when we live in such a technology connected world to go back to the old pen and paper. I find that doing so keeps me focused on the simple things.

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