Hands on House

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I’m that mom. The messes mom. Who pulls out a craft or something fun to in the middle of the day. The hands on mom. My kids love this except when I’m interrupting a current ninja attack.

 It’s difficult for me sometimes because I have one child who loves to create anything and everything and can sit for hours on end doing so and another who’d rather not touch gooey glue or sticky paint.

Art has always been a first love for me and it’s super ironic that I married an artist. So much so that my mom gave me a box of things I created over the years after I got married. Fun stuff!

Creativity is something to me that when grasped, can give a child a new perspective on anything. So I’m the mom that that tries to give my children every opportunity to spill on a blank canvas what lingers in their heads.

I’m also obsessed with hands and feet. I cannot tell you how many things I have in my house or give away as gifts that have my kids paw prints on them. So I thought the perfect opportunity to do so was with these two dollar clearance canvas’ I got at Michael’s.

We used acrylic paint and they stuck their hand right to it. Something nice and slow on a hot summer evening.

I wanted to add something to their wall in their room that they did. So when we were finished we hung it right in the middle. Pictures will come when we are done adding things. Right now it’s lonely. 😦

Any Hands on art ideas for the kiddos from you? Tell me about it!


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