Meal Plan Monday-What a Lemon Pie Taught Me About God

We’ve been doing a lot lately. So far this summer we’ve painted rocks and a canvas of hands, made some pony bead sun catchers shaped like swords, made strawberry ice cream and freezer jam, picked blueberries twice, played soccer at a local camp, had two play dates with friends, visited the petting zoo and gone hiking. It’s hard to imagine that I’m not tired after all of this but I’m not. It’s summer for Pete’s sake and I don’t even know anyone named Pete. 🙂

I wanted to share today these amazing lemon pies that I used my homemade pie crust- without shortening- recipe with. Our community group went hiking at a local trail in our area one Sunday after noon. Yes we saw a snake and yes I was totally freaked out,the things I do for my children.

Anyway, I was so giddy about this after I heard that there was a place sit and eat nearby. So I packed us up my dream picnic and threw it in our cooler. Unfortunately we ended up eating in the car on the way home. Bummer. The upside to this story is that we enjoyed our late Sunday evening chowing on grapes and these lemon hand pies.

 My family enjoyed these so much that they were gone in a few days. I even frosted them with white chocolate later on.


They remind me of how simple life can actually be that you can possibly make other things with the lemons that life throws at you. This has been so far a year of overcoming fears. Slowing down actually scares me sometimes. The objective to be slow can sometimes be a plateful to swallow in such a busy society. But walking through the wilderness scared me most, with the obscurity of nature lurking behind and around me. Having to yield to the sounds and movement of the culture that inhabits it was breath taking yet very scary. But I walked and took the chance to trust God in a moment that some would deem mundane and in return God showed me more of life through his eyes and how he takes care to wake the birds, coordinate the music of nature, and give life to the littlest things.

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