Letters From Our Garden

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When we started our garden we got a bunch of side looks because the idea of growing things in containers is different here in the country. My hubby and I and the kids have worked hard to tend to our container patches and are now reaping the fruit of our labor. For our first year at learning how to grow our own food in anything that has shape, we have been bountiful.

We started container gardening really because of my hubby’s back. He built a raised bed on wheels that nests corn and strawberries so we don’t have to bend down. Not exactly on the simple side of living but it works great for now.

I’ve talked a little about living simple in the past. It’s a struggle that my family and I are constantly trying to fight for in a world that depends on technology. Money wise, diet wise, life wise; it’s giving us perspective now. What perspective is that you ask?

The perspective view of life that says God matters, family matters and the legacy we leave for people through Christ matters. Take away the distractions of the internet, social media, and the need to be in the know or in with the Jones’ and you will find that there is a life of meaning out there waiting to take you on adventure and the avenue of art.

I also, love that our children appreciate what we grow. Kid Hero loves pulling onions and Hulk Smash loves to water. It’s a process in their minds that will become normal. The normal being that we grow our own food and enjoy it when we eat it. Legacy.


I love walking through our garden, though smaller than some, I love to run my hands through the green and train them to run wild. It’s the thing that gives me life and breath.





Even though we didn’t get a lot of berries, I was still fortunate to buy some local and freeze them. These are the post cards that our garden has been sending us.

How do they look?


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