What I’m reading Wednesday- Dear Son by Dave Bruskas

howtotrainasuperhero.com(I received this book complimentary in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own .)

This is a book that I have been wanting to review for some time now. What drew me to reading this book was honestly the foreword by Mark Driscoll. I know Mars Hill tobe a very reputable and credible church according to my own experience. My home church is under the Acts 29 network and our Pastor there does a lot with Pastor Mark. I knew this book coming from a Pastor of Mars Hill would be good. I knew it would be good, sound, solid information, convicting and encouraging. Now Dear Son is a book written for men by a man.

Inspired by letters to his deceased son, it encourages the fatherless man from a sonless father that even though growing up in part of a male influence may have been difficult it is not the end all. Dave Brukas addresses some crucial conversations that a father should indeed have, at some point in life, with his son. Things like knowing first who God is and how that makes him a special man, imperfect and flawed, needing the redeeming grace of a savior. Dave Brukas has dedicated his life in light of the lost of his baby boy, to serve men who have carried the hurt of not having a father or one that was emotionally unavailable and men who have been misguided through life’s circumstances. He  is committed to help them realize that there is purpose in their stories and  encourage them as men to be good men of valor and integrity leaning and gleaning from the word of God and its truth.  A heart wrenching book for a mother of  boys and understanding this great love from God that this man has chosen to display, I would recommend this book for father’s, mother’s, and sons. It is a wonderful enlightening for women and very encouraging for men.




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