Beauty in our backyard and our slow day

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Last week we spent our time caring for our garden as a family. We planted our corn, cukes, tomatoes and put our sweet potato transplants down. My husband is excited to share how we did our potato towers and show how our potatoes are growing and the result of our harvest. I must say too that once we did our first mulching the next day they were taller. More on that later.

I wanted to capture the beauty here in our yard because these moments of growing and patience are special to me. It’s like having a play date with God in his backyard.

We also, had the pleasure of attending a special music discovery event at our local bible college where an orchestra group displayed their instruments for the students in a attendance, certainly an amazing opportunity.


Talking about play dates with God, Are there any breath taking places or moments that make you feel like you are dancing with God?


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3 thoughts on “Beauty in our backyard and our slow day

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