Letting Slow Marinate

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We are currently getting ready for Easter. By that I mean preparing our hearts to worship the Lord and dig in his word as a family for the month of April. I started mid month with some crafts as apart of my slow inspiration. I will share here today and hopefully it will remind me as I look back of how amazing God is and all that he has done in my life. I know Easter is this Sunday but we want this great day to be a stain on our hearts.

We started back in March preparing our hearts to receive the study my hubby put together for us by making a resurrection garden. We call it our garden of grace. Each of us took a stone and wrote something or someone Jesus went to the cross for. My Kid hero wrote all of our names on them and the names of some family members. We then wrote what the cross means to us and unknown to us we each ended up writing a fruit of the spirit. howtotrainasuperhero.com





This year I am focused on words. Words that mean something. This garland represents a few out of many names of Jesus. Names that have left his mark in our lives. Light of The World, Prince of Peace, Messiah, Emmanuel, Elohim, Mediator, True Vine, Good Shepherd, Redeemer, Adonai, El Shaddai, Beginning and End.

This garland is up to remind us how faithful he is to us and that we can trust, love, depend, obey, exalt him. It makes me so happy!

When you think of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection what does it mean to you? 



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