What I’m Reading Wednesday- Twirl by Patsy Clairmont


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I received this book from booklookers in exchange for my review. This book was fresh, humorous and inviting. The cover caught my attention with its colors and the title left me curious. Patsy is a member of the woman of faith and writes this book in a devotional form. Her idea that life is like a pin wheel that twirls one way or another is central but Patsy brings the need for Jesus as a core value. This book was written to help those like me and you get back to the important things in life by talking about the difficult things, digging deep to find the root, then inviting Jesus into those hard areas of our lives.

What I like about this book is that Pasty is whimsical and truthful, I chuckled a lot. She gets right to the point and her point is that through the ups and downs of life you need Jesus; without him the pin wheel will more than likely keep spinning and leave you overwhelmed and all twirled out. There is peace in Christ that surpasses all understanding.

I’d never heard of this book prior to this review but I will gladly read more books by Patsy Clairmont.




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