A Slow Weekend

This weekend was amazing. I had more fun with my family than I did in a little while. Every now and then those quick glimpses of slow arise and create memories.

Memories. Oh how I love them. This weekend I was reminded of this by my pastor.

Getting lost in the wonders and beauty of creation is good but when you have bypassed the creator and focus more on creation you have missed the point.

I love that statement! It’s like this. If a guy proposes to a girl with a beautiful diamond ring and the girl is more focused on the ring than the one who gave it. She has missed it. He summed it up with idolatry which has caused me to look at my life and weed out those things that have taken precedence over God in my life.

This is awesome to me. Every now and again we lose focus but God reminds us that he is enough. He is enough, the bread of life.

Slow. A life surrendered. A life in love with God. A life obedient. A life in worship.



Eating…homemade donut fritters.


School…Letter K craft.


Planting some seeds. Eek!



Cauliflower crust Pizza. Amazing!


My sweet Hubby.


Hanging out at the petting zoo.



Did you Have a good weekend?





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