The Inspiration of Slow

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I’ve been inspired by Monica at The Homespun Heart. I started reading her blog in January and love what I read every time. She is such a sweet spirit from what I gather through her posting. In the beginning of the year she picks a word, studies that word and finds ways to apply that word in different areas of her life by Gods word. I love that idea and it just so happens that this years word is slow.

I love that too since in the beginning of the year I chose to study how to be more slow in my life. What that word means for Monica and I may be totally different and how we seek slow might look different too but we both have a goal that is similar and that is to be closer to God. I love how Gods word connects us like that.

Anyway, over the course of the year you will see how slow unfolds for me. Slow is a journey for me as I am always trying to do more. I am the girl who does it all and that could hurt or strengthen me. My heart wants to take the time to see God for who he is in everyday life. I want to study his character and mimic it in my own walk with him. Slow right now for me means getting on with life Gods way, stopping to see his signature as I steward my life. We don’t often get to just stop in motherhood and sometimes we forget to look for God everyday. So my intention is to be more watchful for him and more encouraged by where he is around me.

Here’s to a slow journey.




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