Slow Day: Valentine’s Day

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Our morning began with heart-shaped pancakes and bacon. We had so much snow here that there was no school for my oldest. My hubby immediately went out with the snow blower and I went out after him.

Funny story: when I came back, the 15 pancakes and pieces of bacon I made were all gone. Growing boys huh?

For Valentine’s Day I set up a nice dinner. After dinner we played some minute-to-win-it games, which are my favorite. I couldn’t get a good picture of all of the games but some included were: conversation heart stacker, marshmallow flop, heart a stack, suck it up, chopsticks. My boys had so much fun and hubby and I did too and at the end I made rice krispie treats with white chocolate. (Chocolate wasn’t finished hardening when I snapped the pic).

How was your Valentine’s day?


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4 thoughts on “Slow Day: Valentine’s Day

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