Family Valentine Idea’s

So Valentine’s Day is coming up and it’s about time for me to start planning my annual Valentine’s Day Family Fun Night! I am so excited because this year we have a special guest joining us for the first time in our festivities…My husband!

In previous years I’d set the table up like a restaurant for Hulk Smash and Kid Hero, buy them a book, make something red for dinner, dessert and we’d do something fun like play a game.

This year my plans have changed a bit. My New Years “Resolution” is to try to get us to spend more quality time more often so with that I’ve been trying to set one up every week if possible. We spend tons of time together going places and getting stuff done but not too many days just doing nothing in fellowship. Every family needs that to grow whether they have little one’s or big one’s at home. Family time is an investment for everyone.

So every week I set up a themed night starting in the morning  with a fun breakfast like snow man pancakes, then dinner with something simple and a snack like jello popcorn balls. We then head to our living room for fun like mini golf, a hot game of beat the parents or reading books. Anything but the TV goes!

Well I thought about you lovely ladies in the process of my planning this time and I thought you might enjoy some ideas for fun too! These are things you are able to get creative with. Don’t limit these to just you and the kids!

Of course Valentine’s Day for me goes beyond a decorated table and some treats. It is a day I choose to amp up my love for my kids and our love  for Jesus. It’s about building their character and giving them a chance to openly express that love for their family and Jesus. Jesus is always the center. Later next week I  will share my ideas.

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Jello Hearts

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Bible Verse Printables for Kids

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