Blogging with a purpose

Me and my stupid pride. Yup that’s right I said it.

For weeks I’ve sat down to write and every time I’d type a word and feel no confirmation that God was including himself in that post.

What happens when there is nothing to write? I seriously have no answer for that.

I remember when I started to take off full fledge in this blogging arena. Excitement would fill me as people would comment and send me emails letting me know how encouraged they were from one of my posts. (I save every last email so if you have sent one, Thank you!) That gave me courage to keep writing and to keep listening to the Lord regarding the way I write. I pretty soon switched from “wanna be” fashion blogger to real-life blogger mom. No college degree. No experience. Just a “free-lance” writer who wanted to be an encouragement and inspiration.

But then it got me.

The constant checking of stats, watching other bloggers grow and wanting to be in the same place. I forgot my mission for this blog. The battle of “do this and you’ll be a successful blogger” syndrome. I forgot that I wanted this blog to say something and plant seeds that could help people. And definitely keep my health.

It’s so easy to let social media, and high blog stats become a god. It’s so easy to push my readers to the side and worry about me. Gosh darn flesh and its desires for greed.

This is pretty good evidence of my sinful tendencies and I’m positive it is evidence of my constant need to be close to Jesus.

So from now on I will continue blogging to plant seeds of encouragement, love, laughter, and edification. Most importantly I will blog about what I love! Food, crafts, and all things children; not worrying too much about being the blogger world’s Jack of all trades.

It’s not always about a picture, a number, or a strategy, though, I’m not at all saying there is not a craft to be honed. I’m simply saying that if you read, blog or inspire to be a writer, do it because you love it. Water it by working on it and your gift will make room for you. Room (Opportunity) for you to expand off of God’s vision and bear the fruit of his glory

So today I am relaunching my blog, sort of like a start over with some big plans and a new focus.

To start my relaunch I am posting about a craft today. My sister made this for my bridal shower not too long ago and ever since I’ve been in love with it. She also made a family date night jar and all the guest’s from my bridal shower put ideas for me, hubby and family to do and share. I keep the family one out in the open and every now and then I look in the date night jar for some ideas to spice things up.

What you will need:

Glue gun

1 sheet cork board card stock paper

1 Mason Jar

Thumb tacks (cut off the stem)

Crinkle scissors (my word)

Paper, a printer or markers

Card stock paper (your color choice)


Wide popsicle sticks


Make sure your jar is clean

Cut your cork sheet 4 1/2 inches wide

Wrap cork sheet around the jar and hit it with some glue

Print the words (one on regular printer paper and the other on the card stock), “Family Date Night Jar” twice with enough spaces for you to cut around with the crinkle scissors for the individual words

Cut out the individual words with the crinkle scissors and glue them in your own arrangement, to the jar

Glue the tacks to the Jar in your own arrangement

Next cut out the Word Phrase and glue it to a popsicle stick

Fill the Jar with beans and enjoy!

Have family members write their ideas and throw them in. Valentine’s Day is coming up! Spend it intentionally.


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