Ten Mixes You Can make at Home! {Roundup!}

I’ve been wanting to share these with you for sometime now! Today on meal plan Monday’s I’d like to share some great staples from my kitchen. I like homemade, do you? I like natural, do you? How about easy? Amen?

As you know, some of the things we buy in our local grocery stores contain some things that we might not want to digest. For example, Did you know that baking powder contains aluminum?

Some may conclude that homemade is better but convenience is gold. Me personally, I’d like to keep my family away from harmful chemicals and dyes that are put into foods today. I think that’s why God created stay at home mom’s, so that we can stay at home and keep it. My take is, there is more time for homemade if I am at home, no matter what my schedule looks like. It’s my thing. You can disagree. I don’t mind.

Any way, Here’s 20 things in your kitchen or pantry that you can make at home and love. I do hope you love it and find some to keep! We’re all in this together right?

DIY - Baking Powder

Homemade Baking Powder via abrightandbeautifullife

Homemade bisquick via inlalaland and  Food.com

Homemade Taco Seasoning via rachelcooks

Post image for Apple Pie Spice

Apple pie spice via mybakingaddiction

Pumpkin pie Spice via mybakingaddiction

Homemade cream of anything soup mix via chewnibblenosh

Homemade Hidden Valley Ranch dressing mix via teachthemtruth

Homemade pancake mix via CircleBKitchen

 Homemade Onion soup mix via moneysavingmom

Make ahead brownie mix

Homemade brownie mix via thrivinghome

(Every one of these mixes I’ve found has had something I didn’t want in it (i.e shortening,oil and the like). This was the closest to the original one that i like. chef-in-training is a favorite website of mine but her brownies use shortening. You could definitely omit the shortening and add coconut oil or butter! She is a very reliable source for cooking and baking!)

As always, with every recipe I post, I hope you’ll tuck this one away somewhere safe. Let me know how you love it!


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