Finding Beauty in the Mess


your standing staring dead on at the mirror. Something in you has become unhappy. you began looking at your face and begin to pick away at it. You don’t like what you see.

“I’ve gained some weight?” You think.

Then crack a smile to hide how you feel about your flawed body. It’s not enough.

You began searching.

Searching for options to fix appearance.

Makeup then clothes, something new maybe.

Immediately you began holding yourself to someone else’s standard of

So and so goes to this place, and so and so’s husband allows
them to do this every so many weeks. I will be more beautiful
if I went there and had money to do what so and does.

I don’t have time to look presentable. Truth is this how you
feel on the inside.

Psalm 139:14

How you made me is amazing and wonderful.I praise you for that. What you have done is wonderful.I know that very well.

To the weary mom or the weary wife:
Some of your days may look like this. It may pass and it may
not. You may feel unhappy with your body. You may be too tired
to brush your teeth. The unhappy feeling may not go away. And
Jesus may stop being your satisfaction.

But here’s his standard of beauty: The truth
That you are made in his image. Imagine that? This powerful,
mighty God, who rules the world and gives the bird a new
song, this God who sits high on his throne, who can’t be seen
with a single eye because his majesty is so beautiful.

You were made like this. And no lipstick, foundation, or
piece of jewelry can fix that.
What’s better Gods plan is for you to look the same inside.


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