Lessons from a Dreamlite

And so it began. The lights went out and I heard no noise. Only the sound of two giddy little boys watching their dream lite. For some reason the way it lit up the Nightly overhead really calmed them and made them feel comforted. It  mimicked the beauty of Gods natural creation and there was peace in that for them. Fast asleep they went and I never heard another peep.

Dream lites? Huh. Who would have thought? I pondered the note I’d typed and plastered on their bare paneled wall.

(Listen thing that’s scaring me! Go away when I count to three! One..Two..Three!!  For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind -2 Timothy 1:7) God is BIGGER than the boogie man.

God is bigger than the boogie man. Gee wiz.

That means he’s bigger than the worries that I have. Or he’s bigger than the goals that I set.

But tell me something. If God is so big why can’t I trust him?

Well yes I trust him. But not with everything. You see, I forget that it’s not my world. I forget that I don’t call the shots and I end up calling them. I pick my job.  I pick my car. I pick the street that I will walk down. I pick the future I want my children to hold.

In perspective, how would you feel if something that you created to do a certain thing…did the opposite?

How would I feel if the thing that I created needed  troubleshooting and it wasn’t returned for repair?

The dream lite, it was created to mimic beauty. It was created to fulfill the feeling of being surrounded by the night sky filled with twinkling stars-the bright moon. It was in essence created to mimic creation and God’s view of it.

In the same way I was created to mimic the work of my creator. I was created with his interest, his attributes and his style. I was created to represent his unique outlook. I was created to mimic my king.

But sometimes, I look like me. I look like my image and that looks blurry.

Sometimes, just sometimes, I’m broken and I need repair, I’m exhausted and I need relief….but I don’t take my issues or my jacked up heart wrapped in pride and selfishness, soaked in self-righteousness and self gain, back to the manufacturer. Nope I try to fix it myself. I try to sticky gloop all of my issues. I stick them in the microwave and apply too blessed to be stressed! I give my heart away to the world and all its pleasures.

But the funny thing is,I never void the warranty. So even after all the junk I do. All the corners I cut, I can take my broken heart, my wretched soul back to the creator.

He will take the bandages off and expose my heart in its natural sinful state and he might frown at the dint’s and bruises that I got from being mishandled but he will remember what I’m supposed to look like and go to work like a potter shaping clay, and mold me into what he envisioned for me to be.

So why don’t I trust him?

Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take. Proverbs 3:5-6

That dream lite will never look the same to me. It will remind me of how God put the stars in the sky and how he knows each of them by name. It will remind me that he created me just as beautiful and that he designed every nook and cranny to reflect him.  It will remind me where my contentment lay and those giddy little boys were made to be loved and from that I’ll give everything I have to say Thank you.

-Choose Love


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