Yes I CAN!

Or freeze I should say. I have yet to open my canner. Yup, it’s still a virgin in a sense.

A few weeks back I had an urge to taste that rich sweet spoonful of character in a jar. My ingredients weren’t at all in season so my strawberries were a bit tart but with enough sugar it was just as good. I used the ratio of 10 1/2 cups of fruit to 1 cup of sugar.

I already have a list of things cooking up for the summer.

Check me out!


Cooking down my 10 cups of strawberries and blueberry mixture.


I used a recipe from good ole faithful pinterest with the addition of more sugar.


Scooping off the foam for freshness.


Beautiful Jam!



Spoon Test.



I was in heaven and so proud that it came out so well. I bought a loaf of French bread for my boys to try it with. My oldest loves it on his pb and j. I should add that I also added a dash of lemon juice.

Happy Thursday!


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