Update: Work in Progress

About a month ago I wrote a post about some habits I’d like to form and ones I wouldn’t mind kicking to the curb. Whenever I take a step forward or backward I think of this post. Let’s review.

Am I smiling more? Yes! More than I have in a long time. I’ve allowed God to completely control the flow of my life and with that I have found peace in letting go what I can’t control and saving time for the littlest things that turn out to mean so much. I can’t quite say that my daily readings or my quiet times with God have improved much but I have been more making more effort in applying the word more and studying and thus things are steadily moving forward.

I’ve learned over the last month how much money and time I can save by planning meals and freezing them; not to mention canning. I’ve been planning meals more carefully and making many more homemade things where I can control the ingredients. I’ve even found that I enjoy cooking a bunch! I’ve been embracing more homemade things and I even found a recipe on pinterest to make fruit roll ups, applesauce and the like so let the healthy living begin!! I’m in love with the extra time I’ve gained by pre-preparing meals and planning a list of things to do for the week though I should spend my time more wisely. I have also done the unthinkable!! I’ve cut out the T.V!!! My kids think I’m nuts but I’m finding more things that create memories and doing them with the boys; it’s more work sometimes but well worth the laughs and time that I’ve received.  Everything is much better when there is a lesser influence of a third-party i.e the TV. LOL!

One thing I’ve been super proud of is our activity time. I’ve managed to fit family game night into our schedule every Thursday though we’ve played candy land a million times this week it seems. Even my little number 2 in his little three’s has learned how to be a competitive little muncher. I will admit though, I’m too tired to read the super long books we have to them every night so I’ve started to slowly jump into the punch of reading every night. Reading is such an important thing to me, though it can be an easy habit to fall out of. Sometimes my kids relate more through stories and action and that helps them a lot. It also stimulates their brain which I’m front row for that. And!!!! We have started the 100 book challenge. I’m so siked that something from my childhood has evolved to stay put in my kids lives. Wish us the best…it’s 100 books.

This past week has been drastically long for us with the time difference and all. Our schedule is in an uproar it seems and I feel like the kids turned into little boogie men overnight. Just a laugh….So with that said I think my list of habits to increase and kick has grown and still has room to grow. My laundry is still in the dryer though Ha! I think once number 2’s birthday is over this month I will add potty training maybe exercise? Isn’t answering to “MOMMY!!!!!!!” one hundred times a day enough workout for one day? LOL There is still more to come. that’s why I am a work in progress.

-choose Love


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