Tuesday’s {Fabulous} Find

Everyone loves a fabulous find. I don’t think I tried to find this but it just came up. My sister mentioned it to me a few weeks back but I don’t think my nostalgia for sleep would let me understand her words. Ha! Anyway, This week she showed me how to work this fabulous find and I found it’s kind of great. So what is it? Recycle Bank.Sign up for free, earn points for free and get rewards like free magazine subscriptions, restaurant perks, coupons and more for FREE! I know it sounds like all those other “get this free” websites but it really is amazing. My sister has received magazines, coupons and other great perks just for reading articles, recycling in her neighborhood and clicking a button. I love to play the games to earn points and found out new ways to help my family live better. Go try it! And I’ll see you back here in a few weeks for next Tuesday’s Fabulous Find.


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