DIY Fabric Softner {Tutorial}

Along with my DIY laundry Detergent tutorial I’ve decided to try DIY fabric softner… This particular recipe was adapted from Stay tuned!


6 cups water (helps if it’s warm or hot)

3 cups white vinegar

2 cups conditioner (any of choice…keep in mind that your clothes will have a scent of the conditioner; choose wisely)


Pour water first then add conditioner and vinegar in a gallon container. I used my crock pot bowl because it was larger. DO NOT SHAKE!!! shaking will cause the contents to foam.


And then enjoy fresh clean clothes ready to go!!

**My review:

After using this I found that my clothes were slightly scented but not as much as I like. I’m a ‘smell the clean” kind of gal so next time I will add maybe a half cup more of conditioner.

I also made a double batch and got three extra sauce jars full. The contents will settle but you can just shake the bottle and pour after that. Vinegar is truly an all purpose product!! and it’s harmless to say the least.

Thanks for stopping by! ^_^

MOM-tastic {kid approved}


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